What is Geobag

Geobag is a large-volume bag made of basalt fabric with a closed production cycle. Production and recycling takes place in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Germany, which guarantees a minimal impact on the environment caused by logistics compared to the life cycles of other high-volume bags. Geobag was developed in collaboration with leading scientists and professionals in the field of special industrial packaging. Hence, it can combine the positives associated with reduction of negative environmental impact, as well as save financial resources. Because our Geobag is based on a circular economy, we provide the removal of used Geobags and possibility to exchange them for new Geobags. Whether you exchange Geobags for new ones or decide to just return used Geobags, you will always save money. For used Geobags, we will refund the deposit for the material and during exchange we will deduct the returned material from the price of the new Geobags.

How does our circular model works?

What can be Geobag used for?

  • Import and handling of building materials
  • Building rubble and dry waste
  • Heated filling exceeding 60 ° C
  • Flammable materials and materials that can generate electrostatic charge

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