Cheap and sustainable large-volume bag solution
for construction industry
Geobag Get bag to nature!

What makes our bigbag
system revolutionary?

Saving money

Our main principle is a circular economy. While we are using recycling materials you can save your money – with each new recycling cycle, your Geobags are cheaper than the previous ones

Waste pickup and exchange service

When your Geobags turn into waste, we will pick them up and bring you new discounted ones

Minimal environmental impact

Our material is 100% recyclable and does not contain any plastic

Our story

Since our founding in 2019 we have been following the principles of circular economy and social business. Our mission is to minimize environmental and economical burden of packaging in construction industry.

The time when sustainability
was expensive is gone now!

Save your money and planet earth at the same time.

Our team

“We believe that we can innovate the system of consumer industrial packaging to meet the requirements of sustainability in the age of climate crisis and save your money at the same time.”

Eva Andrejsová

Eva Andrejsová

Roman Nováček

Roman Nováček

Financial advisor
Petr Mikula

Petr Mikula

Domain expert

Jan Mesany

Creative director

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